Delhi X Warrior Race

11 Mar

This past Sunday morning, Don and I participated in the first X Warrior Race here in Delhi, India.  A 4 km foot race complete with 20 obstacles set to challenge participants, we joined our group of 50 at the start line in the bright sunshine.  With hundreds of participants, waves of 50 challengers began half an hour apart in a fun, challenging race around the Thyagaraj Stadium. Climbing bamboo ladders, crawling under barbed wire fences, running up stairs with a sandbag on your shoulder, hopping from brick to brick, balancing on a wood beam, and climbing up and over numerous obstacles was a part of the race.  Don finished second and I finished fourth in our wave.

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All Photos owned by Don and Liz Halina CC-BY-ND-NC



Delhi Half Marathon Pics

3 Oct

Delhi Half Marathon, Sept. 30, 2012

1 Oct

This past Sunday morning, my husband and I got up way before the crack of dawn to run in the Delhi Half Marathon.  Both Don and I have run a full marathon in 2006 (in Yellowknife with a time of 4:00:59) and I had done a half the year before that.

Last year I had trained hard in the spring to run in the Winnipeg Half Marathon, only to suffer from a  terrible TFL pull that left me barely walking.  Add to that a car accident on my 38th birthday, and I wasn’t going anywhere fast for a while.

15 months later, I finished a half marathon ahead of my 2 hour goal: 1:53:36 in spot 661/6718 participants who crossed the finish line!  Don did even better finishing at 1:49:40 in position 521.

Congrats to our fellow Canadians and our American friends from AES that we trained with Saturday mornings!

Fitness Posters

24 Sep

Here are a bunch of posters I created for use by adults at my small, local gym.  Please work at your own level.  I recommend having a Certified Personal Trainer show you how to do these exercises and evaluate your technique.  Do not perform these exercises if you are injured or if you are not sure how to perform them properly.

Scan the QR code to link you to a YouTube video demonstrating the exercise.

Chest PressDipsHamstring CurlLat PulldownBall CrunchBiceps CurlLeg DropsLeg ExtensionLeg PressLunges, Plank, Push Ups, Quadraped, Seated Row, Shoulder Press, Side Plank, Squat, Superman, V-Sit

Stay Tuned for intermediate and advanced posters.

Please note these fitness posters have a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Non-derivative Licence.  That means if you want to download and use them as is, please feel free to do so.  Print them out, put them in your gym, fitness room, or share with your students.  Please do not use for commercial purposes or change them in any way.

If you are curious how I created these posters, please check out my Coetail Blog titled “How I Have Been Using Video in PE“.


Forty, Fit, and having Fun!


Forty, Fit, and having Fun!

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Forty, Fit, and having Fun!

Forty, Fit, and having Fun!