Tabata with a Twist

29 Apr

I recently completed five courses with Twist University – Level 1 Twist Sport Performance Essentials.  The philosophy of training movements, not muscles, is strongly emphasized, something I embrace in my training style.  I wholeheartedly believe that exercise and fitness should lead to enhanced functional movement, performance, and injury prevention, especially as we age.

When I select the exercises for my Tabata format classes, I try to choose those that use tri-planar, toe to finger tip closed kinetic chain movements.  I provide options for my clients to progress or regress each movement to meet their needs and abilities.

One of the hardest things to encourage in a group setting is knowing when to regress your movements.  People see others pushing ahead, completing more complex movements (sometimes when they aren’t ready for it) and they feel they need to compete or keep up.  Enter yoga training.  Meeting the movement at a level that allows you to challenge yourself without neuro-muscular fatigue while maintaining core integrity, and accepting that this is where you are is a hard one, especially when your ego is telling you to do more, and not to “give up”.

My most recent sequences have been designed with these philosophies in mind.

Tabata – Body weight

1. Squat with Toe Raise (Progress: Jump squat) (Regress: Partial squat no toe raise)

2. Push up to Side Plank (P: One foot off ground entire time) (R: from knees/drop side plank)

3. Standing to Lateral Lunge & Return (P: Knee up on return) (R: Feet stationary lateral lunge)

4. Dead Bug (P: V-up) (R: only arms or only legs)

5. Standing to Step Back Lunge with Contralateral Toe Touch (P: Knee up/jump) (R: Lunge)

6. Bear Crawl [focus on core stability, backside down, knees hover 2″ off ground, no hip sway, small hand/foot steps forward and back] (P: longer crawls forward and back) (R: hold the knee hover without “walking”/hold quadriped with no knee hover)

7. Hamstring Leg Slides from Supine Bridge with a Blanket) (P: slower slides) (R: one leg at a time/bridge lifts only)

8. Burpees (P: +pushup & jump) (R: walk out to plank, stand up only)

Tabata (Bosu, DB, MB, OB & Box)

1. Squat with 3 point extension (ankle, knee hip) with overhead press (OB)

2. Bosu (FSU) pushup (one hand on center of Bosu) with 1 arm balance hold (at top of elbow extension on Bosu)

3. Single leg balance with partner taps

4. Biceps curl (Left hand) with alternating overhead press (right hand), then switch (P: stand on DSU Bosu)

5. 2 leg standing with lateral step to one leg standing outside arm lateral raise hold

6. Depth drop with stick and hold landing

7. Medicine ball lateral catch and return throw (partners)

8. 5 point lunge (forward, 45 degrees, lateral, back, curtsey)

Tabata (DB, SB, Ropes, ViPR, TRX)

1. Squat with alternating Biceps curl (RH) and overhead press (LH)

2. Plank up up down down (hands to elbows and back up) with alternating 1 arm DB row

3. Lateral step (P: jump) with 1 arm lateral raise stick and hold

4. Bear walk (see above for stability focus) or Battle Rope options

5. Sand bag pick up from floor, place on shoulder, return to floor

6. Pull up/TRX row/inverted row

7. Lateral lunge (stationary feet) with sandbag or ViPR lateral pull

8.  Burpee with DB deadlift

Tabata (shoulder focus – body weight)

1. squat to lateral lunge

2. Under the fence (Up dog to down dog to up dog repeat

3. Squat with hi or low 1 arm partner push (stand face to face, hands push to mid-line at waist height or shoulder height, maintain isometric contraction as you squat as partners)

4. Pike ups (blanket under feet) (R: reverse inchworm with stationary hands)

5. Knee ups (one side only) with twist

6. Bear Crawl (stability focus)

7. Lateral jump (P: contralateral toe touch) (R: lateral step lunge)

8. Mountain climbers

*** Please ensure you are always working within your own physical abilities.  Contact a certified Personal Trainer and/or fitness instructor for advice and instruction ****


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